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Olga King has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since June 2010, but her road began much earlier. In 1993 she graduated from a Medical School in Moscow, Russia, with an M.D. degree in Pediatrics. After graduation she moved to the US and began her career in Biomedical research. However, this did not fulfill her dream of helping people in a more involved way, and half-way through her 20 years as a Scientist she got certified as a Yoga instructor (Bikram and Power Vinyasa), as well as a Running coach and a Personal trainer. Soon after, she joined a massage program in Portland, OR to further pursue her dream. After over 300 hrs in that program she relocated to Austin, TX, where she re-started a (different) massage therapy program at THAI, graduating in 2010. In addition to Massage Therapy, Olga coaches ultra runners (she raced at a sponsored level for over 10 years), continues to practice yoga (since 1999), travels to mountain trails for backpacking trips, and writes for a few local running websites and publications. Her passion is to help people heal themselves from inside out one person at a time.

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